The CSA Program

Member support through our CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) program is what sustains our farm’s mission. Students manage the program, coordinate harvests and delivery, and learn how to operate a small agricultural business from seed to share. By becoming a member, you make that experience possible.

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CSA Details:

Summer Share:  10 weeks from early June to early August

Fall Share:  12 weeks from September to end of November

Members pay at the beginning of the season for a weekly share of in-season vegetables and fruits harvested by UVA students. In addition to receiving produce, members can supplement their vegetable share by purchasing free-range eggs from the Morven Estate gatekeeper Tom Woodson.

We offer both a pickup and a delivery option.  The pick-up option occurs each Friday from 12pm-2pm in Charlottesville at the Spice Diva in the Main Street Market. Bring a bag and fill it with your veggies.  You can choose to have the share dropped directly on your doorstep.  A monthly fee is added for the delivery option.

Returning members get first pick for spots, followed by a first-come, first-serve online sign-up.

If you’d like to get on the mailing list for the 2017 CSA registration just let us know by filling out the form below.


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Why a CSA-model?

CSA is popular way many organic growers across the country sell their produce because it:

  • creates a guaranteed consumer base and the ability to know how much to plant based on the number of shares sold;
  • provides income up front, at the start of the season when growers are needing to purchase  seeds and supplies;
  • reconnects farms and local eaters – customers know both the people who are growing their food and the land on which it is being grown;
  • helps share the risk of farming – weekly shares reflect what is available and ready to harvest that week, both crops that are bountiful and crops that are not as plentiful

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