This week at the garden

It has been busy few weeks at the garden and much has happened since our last post. Harvesting and moving onions indoors took priority last week. Three tables, once full of garlic, now hold several garden beds worth of onions spread out in a single layer for their tops and skin to dry.

As one crop comes to an end, other crops are just beginning. It is the perpetual dance of the garden. Beds that grew an earlier season crop (like this year’s onions and garlic), get tilled and prepared for the next crop waiting “in the wings” or in this case the greenhouse.

Trays of broccoli, cabbage, chard, cucumbers, basil, and flowers are growing strong in greenhouse trays. Over the next few weeks they will be planted out in the garden.

Crops planted earlier this summer have been tended too. Tomatoes were staked and trellised. Keeping the tomatoes growing upright makes for easier picking and helps with disease management. Insect netting was removed from the pepper beds and now covers the recently seeded winter squash beds. We are looking forward to a bountiful fall harvest.

Happy summer! Stephanie Meyers, MKG Farm Manager