Summer is Wrapping Up: What’s Going on at Morven

Hi everyone, Julia here for an update. As we move into mid-august the garden is transitioning to welcome new crops and soon, new fall interns!  The summer interns will miss our summer at MKG dearly. Spending a whole summer outside learning to grow food sustainably has been a privilege. Steph (MKG manager) has been an amazing teacher and role model and we are all so thankful for her knowledge and expertise.

In the Garden

With mid-august approaching, plot A is under major transformation in order to prepare for fall crops! Plot A was planted in the spring which meant its production was highest in early summer with lots of kale, chard, lettuce mix, radishes, turnips, beets, basil, and beans, garlic, and scallions. The last few crops harvested out of plot A were slower-growing crops such as cabbage and potatoes. The rest of the week will be spent preparing the newly cleared beds for direct seed or seedlings of fall crops.

Plot B is currently at its most productive time of summer. This plot was planted by us summer interns in late May and early June with a few later plantings of winter squash in July. This bed is chugging out tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash, zinnias, and soon beans and winter squash.

Plot C has been under black plastic for most of the summer to allow for decomposition and moisture retention before planting for fall. In July we moved half of the black plastic over and began to prepare beds and plant fall crops. This plot is currently home to some young sweet potatoes, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and beets. This effort will continue in the next few weeks as we uncover the rest of the black plastic and plant the last of the fall crops.

CSA Update

The summer CSA will wrap up this week with week 10, but don’t fret – sign up for our 10-week fall CSA which starts in September! The signup sheet is available under the CSA tab on the website. The first week of the fall CSA is the week of September 13th.

Gazpacho in the Garden

Come see the garden at our annual Gazpacho in the Garden public event on September 6th! RSVP here :