Week 10 Summer CSA

On Friday, we harvested the final share of the summer CSA.  It was also the last day of the MKG summer internship program.

This week’s share was a food lover’s extravaganza – filled with eleven different vegetables!  From eggplants and chard, to onions and potatoes, there was something to excite everyone’s taste buds.


Over the course of 12 weeks you see lots of change and growth in the garden.  In one of the early week’s of the CSA, the interns seeded ten beds of butternut squash.  In the pictures below you can see what it looked like on the day of planting (left side) and what that field looks like now (right side).  Later in September, we will begin harvesting the butternut squash.  Some will go to the fall CSA, but most of the squash is destined for UVA Dining where they will be used in student meals.  Very exciting!


It has been a good summer season!  I have enjoyed working these past 12 weeks with Gabi, Holly, and Mikaela.  They have shared lots of enthusiasm, good insights, and thoughtful questions, as they tended the garden and harvested produce for the CSA and for wholesale customers.  A big thanks to the interns for all their dedication to the garden and their hard work this season.


With every ending comes a new beginning.  As we say goodbye to summer and the interns, we look forward to the start of school and more students helping in the garden.  The fall CSA will start Friday, September 8th.  We hope you will consider joining us.

Steph Meyers, MKG Farm Manager