Summer CSA Week 9

This week was exciting and challenging for the interns, as it was the first full week without our fearless leader and farm manager, Steph, who took a (much deserved) vacation with her family!

We tackled a lot of chores in preparation for fall this week: planting fall crops, clearing out old beds, and cleaning up those that will carry through from summer to autumn. Check out some of the highlights below:


The zinnia beds feel a lot fresher now that they’ve gotten a decent weeding. Even the pollinators are happy!

The end of last week and the beginning of this week focused on getting new plants in the ground for our upcoming Fall CSA (starting the first week of September — be on the look out for updates on when sign-ups start!). Germinating now are new successions of green beans and lettuce mixes. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage (aka the fall brassicas) are also doing their best under row cover, getting big and tasty for Fall CSA members!


Shade cloth (shown in black) and row cover (white) help keep sun and bugs off of baby plants!


Take a peek under the row cover to find…


Baby beans!! Soon these sprigs of leaves will be thick with green beans.


Despite the weeding done in these beds of sweet potatoes, the vines still dominate the rows!


Herbs (bed A14) and Nasturtiums (βˆ†) got a good weeding. Just in time for the Nasturtiums to bloom! (Peep the golden and orange flowers on the plant in the front)

On Thursday, we had volunteers come from UVA’s Facilities Management, and they helped us tackle some bigger (taller?) tasks!


Cherry tomatoes getting trellised (again!); they now reach the ceiling of the hoop house!


All Trellised Up

They also helped us in our never-ending battles of weeding and harvesting cherry tomatoes!


Cleanin’ up the chard

We really appreciate all of our volunteers who come to help us out (especially during some really hot days during the summer!). We couldn’t do it all without your help!


Our tireless FM friends (plus our tireless interns, Mikaela and Gabi)

The week ended with this beautiful harvest, going out to our members as week 9 of our summer CSA! Check out that spread (featuring red potatoes and those lovely zinnias!)IMG_7949.JPG

It’s a little bittersweet to see the summer coming to a close. This past Friday marked Gabi’s last day with us as a summer intern, and we have just one more Friday harvest and distribution before the end of the summer CSA.

But never fear! Fall (and classes) are just around the corner, and a whole new ~crop~ of student volunteers will be joining us to start the new round of growing!


Holly, MKG Summer Intern


One thought on “Summer CSA Week 9

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m so happy to see each of these newsletter updates! Your gardens and all your work are wonderful! I really look forward to following along! I missed the party on August 5th but I hope to visit in person soon! Keep up the great eco-friendly labor of love on behalf of us all creatures great and small! πŸ™‚

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