We are the Morven Kitchen Garden – a one acre UVA student farm.

Our mission is to provide student leadership opportunities in sustainable market farming, inspire community participation in local food systems, and to offer an outdoor laboratory for agricultural research. 

romaine  beforeShot

When Thomas Jefferson imagined his ideal Academical Village, he believed in the importance of agriculture in higher education. Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello were living laboratories, where he experimented with 330 different vegetables and 170 fruit varieties. Over 200 years later, Jefferson’s values of agriculture are being reexamined at Morven Farm. In 2001, philanthropist John W. Kluge gave this 7,379-acre property (which was once purchased by Jefferson himself) to the UVA Foundation for educational purposes. Morven is now a central hub for interdisciplinary research, seminars, retreats, and innovative UVA courses – and of course, home to the Morven Kitchen Garden.

IMG_1409  Our hoop house

Located on a one-acre plot which was once organically cultivated for John Kluge, the Kitchen Garden offers a hands-on learning opportunity to study food production cycles, design sustainable agriculture technologies, and develop a better understanding of the social, environmental, and economic implications of our daily food choices – not to mention a good place to throw a great party or enjoy quiet mornings beside the pond.

Come visit us in the garden!